About Zen & Cherry

Welcome to Our Unique Journey!

Hello, and a warm welcome to our space! We’re Zen and Cherry, a couple deeply committed to each other, exploring the vastness of love and connection together. Our path is one of openness, trust, and authentic expression, and we’re delighted to share a part of it with you.

Our Philosophy

Living life authentically and with an open heart is at the core of our beliefs. This means embracing diverse forms of love, respecting each other’s individuality, and always putting consent and communication first. We identify as a polyamorous, open, DDlg couple, and we’re also part of the swinger lifestyle. Our approach is guided by the principle of “Live and let live,” where mutual respect and understanding are paramount.

Prioritizing Our Bond

While we cherish our freedom to form meaningful connections outside our union, we always prioritize our primary relationship. The bond between us is the foundation of our journey, and we ensure it remains strong and nurturing, irrespective of other relationships.

Poly and Open

As a polyamorous couple, we find joy and enrichment in forming connections beyond our primary partnership. These relationships are built on a foundation of trust, respect, and transparent communication, enhancing our lives in unique ways.

DDlg Dynamics

Within our bond, we explore DDlg dynamics, embracing nurturing and caring roles with mutual consent and enjoyment. This aspect of our relationship is deeply fulfilling and is approached with utmost trust and respect.

Swinging and ‘Pineapple Friendly’

We also enjoy the swinger lifestyle, engaging with other like-minded couples and individuals in a social and intimate context. Our “pineapple friendly” stance is a playful acknowledgment of our participation in this vibrant community.

Creating a Safe and Respectful Space

Our website and shared content aim to foster a safe, respectful environment for those who resonate with or are curious about our way of life. We champion sex positivity, viewing consensual adult activities as natural and healthy expressions of love and desire.

Respecting Diversity

We appreciate that our lifestyle might not resonate with everyone, and we respect differing viewpoints and ways of life. Our intent is to share, not to persuade, hoping to connect with those who find joy in similar paths or are open to understanding ours.

Join Us

Feel free to explore our site, learn about our adventures, and connect with us. We value open-mindedness, kindness, and a sense of humor in our interactions.

With love and gratitude,

Zen and Cherry

Welcome to Our World!

Please note: Our website contains content related to our polyamorous, DDlg, and swinger lifestyle. It is intended for mature audiences and may not be suitable for everyone.

Approach with Openness or Discretion

We respect diverse viewpoints and understand that our lifestyle may not resonate with all. If these topics are not in line with your preferences or values, we kindly suggest that you may choose not to explore further.

Respect and Consent

Our content is shared with a focus on respect, consent, and emotional safety. For those who are curious and open-minded, we welcome you to our space of positivity and understanding.

Thank you for visiting and respecting our choices.

With warmth,

Zen and Cherry