How We Met

Zen and Cherry’s journey began in early 2018 in Angeles City, Philippines. Their first encounter was at a local bar, Midnight Cruiser (now known as Insomnia), where Cherry worked as a guest relations officer. Initially, their interactions were just flirtatious glances and smiles – Zen as a frequent visitor and Cherry on the stage.

The Blossoming of a Connection

As the months passed, their connection deepened. Around July 2018, Zen and Cherry finally had a proper conversation, and from that night, they realized they had a unique chemistry. They quickly discovered a shared openness and a desire for a non-traditional relationship.

The Growth of Our Relationship

Over the next few years, Cherry and Zen’s relationship evolved in a unique way. They maintained a casual yet intimate connection, with Cherry often visiting Zen to spend time together. They valued their independence and openness, exploring other relationships while maintaining their special bond.

Living an Open Lifestyle

Zen and Cherry have always believed in the importance of honesty and open communication in their relationship. They both embraced the idea that love and physical intimacy could coexist with an open lifestyle, allowing them to explore connections with others while maintaining their own special bond.

A New Chapter in Thailand

In early 2020, Cherry accompanied Zen on his move to Pattaya, Thailand. Their relationship at this time was still fluid and open. However, the COVID-19 pandemic brought unexpected challenges, with Cherry returning to her family in the Philippines and Zen finding himself in Thailand.

Long Distance and Growing Closer

Despite the physical distance and the challenges of lockdowns, Cherry and Zen’s connection only grew stronger. They stayed in touch through video chats, messaging, and phone calls, finding that their relationship deepened even in separation.

A Unique Union

Recognizing their deep connection and commitment to each other, Cherry and Zen decided to get married. Given the unique circumstances of the world in 2020, they celebrated their love with an online wedding on November 11, 2020. This marked the beginning of a new, shared chapter in their lives, one filled with love, openness, and adventure.

Coming Together in the Philippines

After their unique online wedding in 2020, Zen returned to the Philippines in December of the same year. Cherry and Zen, embracing their open and adventurous spirits, moved into a house together. This new home became a haven for them and occasionally for friends who shared their open, inclusive outlook on life.

Return to Thailand

In February 2022, as the world started opening up again, Cherry and Zen made the decision to return to Thailand, a country they both dearly missed. Their life in Thailand continued to be characterized by the same openness and freedom that had always been integral to their relationship.

A Moment of Reflection

However, relationships often face challenges, and in late January 2023, Cherry and Zen encountered a significant difference in perspective. Cherry chose to take some time apart, returning to her roots to reflect and reassess. This period marked a brief pause in their relationship, providing space for growth and introspection.

Reconnecting and Exploring New Dynamics

During their time apart, Zen and Cherry remained in communication, pondering over what their relationship needed to flourish. Zen introduced the idea of exploring a DDlg lifestyle, suggesting that it might bring a new dimension of structure and depth to their bond. After thorough discussion and mutual agreement, Cherry, intrigued and open to this new journey, returned to Thailand in April 2023.

Embracing a DDlg Open Lifestyle

Since embracing the DDlg dynamics within their open lifestyle, Zen and Cherry have found a newfound depth and closeness in their relationship. This period has been enriching and transformative for them both. They discovered that the DDlg dynamic, far from being solely about dominance and submission, is rooted in mutual trust, respect, and care.

Best Friends and Partners

Today, Zen and Cherry consider each other not just as partners but also as best friends. Their unique journey has shown them the importance of adaptability, understanding, and respect in a relationship. They continue to live a life full of love, openness, and deep connection, cherishing each moment of their shared adventure.

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